Thursday, May 21, 2015

Never Too Late

Beverly "Guitar" Watkins - "Back In Business"

It's never too late to be what you might have been. - George Eliot
This has always been my favorite quote.  The problem is that I want to BE ALL THE THINGS.

The horizon is once again open, and this time, I do believe I shall land my ship in Goat Harbor.
I have applied for a live-in internship with Broken Shovels Farm, a no-kill dairy goat farm about 15 minutes north of downtown Denver.

Oh. My. Goats.

I wouldn't be able to start until my apartment lease is up in August, but I'll buy an RV and beg her to let me live and work if I have to!

There are federal farm ownership loans available, but some require at least 3 years of experience, which I don't have.

Update: I applied to Broken Shovels on Sunday, today is Thursday, still no word, but I also applied for a pretty sick work-from-home job. Fingers crossed.

Also, I'm researching tiny homes.  Researching, that's funny.
Also, I'm so completely obsessed with the thought of my own tiny home that I designed a 3D model of my dream tiny home, WinzigHaus!  And I'm working up a budget for it.

Figuring out just what the hell it is I want is becoming quite a challenge.  As far as the THINGS I want, I know I want a tiny house, and I'm going to build it myself from plans based on the model I made. I want solar power, a composting toilet, and large water storage.  A goat farm, yes, but the house must come first.  A place to live that is mine. That no one can take away from me.

But things, things, things.  Things are not the answer.
Moving to a tiny house would require an incredible amount of downsizing, which is fabulous.  I've been feeling very bogged down by my possessions lately.

Which brings me back to the point:
What do I want in my life?
Freedom.  From? Everything. I'd love to go off grid completely.
Independence and self sufficiency
The ability to travel

Agh. It's all so...ethereal.

A goal with out a plan is just a dream.

So what's the plan, man?

1) Get back to work.  Hopefully at new job.
2) Work ass off.
3) Save as much as possible.
4) Find large barn/ storage for rent, tall enough to build in.
5) Buy trailer for Winzighaus, put in storage
6) Buy truck with towing capacity for finished haus
7) Work and buy materials, using recycled materials as much as possible
8) Build a little at a time
9) Finish haus
10) Seek on-site, full time internship at goat farm.
11) Live in haus on farm, work on farm
12) Save for land
13) Have goat farm
14) Wake up every morning and exclaim "Fuck yeah! My life is fucking awesome!"
15) Die.

Fuck yeah.

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