Thursday, May 21, 2015

A thought or two on "beauty"

On my journey of self-love, I have done some pretty weird shit to acknowledge, accept, and love all the parts of me.  I have danced naked in front of a mirror, jiggling as hard as I could. More than once. Until it made me laugh instead of cry.

My most recent challenge has been giving up my tiny magnifying mirror and tweezers.
I did well without them for a while.  My skin started clearing up and looking a little healthier and my brows... brow was growing in nicely.  Then I found them and pick my bad habit right back up.  My skin is breaking out again and looks like crap because I can't stop examining my skin and picking at it.  I just need to chuck the damned thing out into the street.

My brow, however, is beginning to grow into its full German glory.  I have been tweezing a little.  Just the very middle and the ones that get tangled in my eyelashes.  I haven't seen it fully grown in since middle school.  There are a few patchy spots, but they are starting to fill in.  And a lot of the new growth is grey!

I've always been envious of men and their ability to grow facial hair.
To heck with your beards and muttonchops!
I have BROW-WOW.
I might tweeze it again, I might not.

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