Monday, April 27, 2015

Hope on the horizon

I got to see my specialist today, Dr. Jatana.  He was absolutely wonderful. I expected him to be hesitant to agree to surgery, but he told me that he can get me in a week from tomorrow, pending insurance approval.
And he gave me some meds for the pain!
I'm very much not in pain right now. How lovely it is!

He also agreed to fill out my short term disability and FMLA paperwork, so I am officially off work as of yesterday.  There's a 7 day waiting period before I can collect disability payments, but I have enough FMLA time and points left that I can be out for as long as 10 weeks.  It should only be about a month, which will give me time to work a bunch before classes start in August and I drop to part-time.

There's a possibility I won't lose the car.

Now I just have to remember what all my old college logins are...

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